Brief History: Axemen, Milwaukee Chapter

Axemen M/C was founded in March of 1998 by Bob Roths of Inkster, Michigan together with 12 other founding members. This brotherhood was made possible with the help of our “Mother Chapter” which is based in Detroit, Michigan with the other 11 Chapters. This club was formed exclusively for IAFF (International Association of Fire Fighters) members whether employed or retired. ​

The Birth of Axemen Milwaukee, Wisconsin Chapter 1
A group of men namely, Ryan Venne and Brian Anderson of Milwaukee Fire Department and Kevin Brode of West Allis Fire Department, were looking for a well-organized club that would support its chapters around the country. As they were searching, the “Home Chapter”, Michigan Chapter 1, as well as Illinois Chapter 1 came to their rescue. Thus, Axemen Wisconsin Chapter 1 was born on the 5 th day of December, 2009. The chapter began with 13 Charter Members, they were called “The Lucky 13”. They were a cluster of firefighters from Milwaukee, West Allis, and Franklin fire departments. As the numbers grew at a rapid pace, Axemen Wisconsin Chapter 1 committed to help open other chapters in the state as well.

Axemen Wisconsin Chapter 1 Today
At present, Axemen members are almost present anywhere in the country. We are joined together by the brotherhood of firefighting and motorcycling. We ride together and support worthwhile causes and charities. We are not a group of tough-scary- men. We are here to upkeep our society. We are here to return the kindness and the support our communities have provided as we were changed into brave and responsible firemen.

Axemen Wisconsin Chapter 1 Members has developed strong camaraderie through the years. We have held onto a list of principles as we ride this journey as a brotherhood.

  • Axemen Wisconsin Chapter 1 is a Group of Brave and Responsible Firemen

Our brotherhood aims to help each member to be better firemen. We believe that bonding with other firefighters is the best way to learn what it truly means to be one. We help each other fully understand the oath we pledged for our country as we finish the starting phase of a certified firemen (IAFF member). By doing so, this could encourage the members to pursue harder and to willingly grasp the duties and responsibilities of a true firefighter.

  • Axemen Wisconsin Chapter 1 Was Created with the Right Intentions

As mentioned before, we are not a group of tough-scary- men. We are not here to harm anyone. Our founders made sure that if they will form a brotherhood, it must start right and keep right. They followed the policies of their communities, they obeyed their community leaders, they underwent necessary processes/ procedures before doing any action.

  • Axemen Wisconsin Chapter 1 Cares for its Members

A messed-up brotherhood can never upkeep its community. How will we serve if our group itself can’t take care of its own? It’s essential to first build a firm foundation among the core members of the group before going out to effectively impart positivity within the community. Axemen Wisconsin Chapter 1 primarily ensures peace and unity among its members before moving on to the real deal. In Axemen Wisconsin Chapter 1, no firefighter is left behind. Once an Axeman, always an Axeman.