Wisconsin has a rich history of lumberjack-related competitions. Because of the state’s heavy focus on forestry and a history of close-knit logging camps full of lumberjacks, lumberjack competitions have become sort of a novelty. Logrolling even popped up as a fun competitive sport as early as the 1800s in Wisconsin. In honor of its logging history, a large number of cities host annual lumberjack events and competitions—the sport is still alive and well today! A number of bars and breweries have even started adding axe-throwing ranges to their buildings!  

If you’re an axe-throwing or lumberjack competition enthusiast, here are some upcoming events and competitions to check out in 2019. 

Lumberjack World Championships – Hayward, WI 
August 1st-3rd  

The Lumberjack World Championships is an international competition which offers over 20 different events including axe throwing, sawing, chopping, speed pole climbing, logrolling, and more. 100 professional athletes from across the world compete for a grand prize of $50,000. At this point, it’s too late to compete in the actual events but it’s still a great experience to watch! With obstacle courses and face painting for the kids, happy hour and live music for the adults, there are plenty of activities for people of all ages. Be sure to check out the Lumberjack World Championships this August for three days of lumberjack fun! 

AXE MKE Axe-Throwing Leagues – Milwaukee, WI

September League, Mondays, September 9th– 30th

October League, Mondays, October 15thNovember 4th

Whether you’re a master axe-thrower or a novice looking to have some fun, AXE MKE offers doubles league axe-throwing competitions. AXE MKE is one the newer bars cropping up that have started to include a clever combination of drinks and axe-throwing ranges. This is the perfect place if you’re looking to actually throw some axes yourself! Grab a friend or significant other and pit your skills against multiple teams for the top prize goodies. It’s $60 per person to enter and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners all get a free victory round of beers after! Drinks and axe-throwing, what could go wrong? 

Stihl Timbersports US Professional Championship – Milwaukee, WI 

July 26th–July 28th 

Stihl Timbersports is an annual event that pits the best lumberjacks in the country against each other in heated competition. Over the course of three days, men and women compete for first place through multiple different events. The winners then head on to the international competition! The show can be viewed live at German Fest Milwaukee. The ticket entrance to the German Fest is dual-purpose, so you get access to both the festival and the competition! 

Be sure to check back here often, as we continuously provide lists of upcoming events throughout the year! 

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Though it’s certainly an international sport, with enthusiasts spread far and wide, Wisconsin is a great place to live for axemen. A lot of great events and competitions are regularly hosted here! Plus, with the addition of bars that have axe-throwing ranges, what more could we ask for?