Traditionally, the word “axemen” arose during the height of the logging industry in America. Axeman, or lumberjacks, struggled and worked together to fell thousands of massive trees in unsafe environments. It was (and still is) a tough job, many of the men lost fingers, limbs, and even their lives due to the harsh conditions. Today, lumberjacking is a more refined industry with advanced technology, but the basic brotherhood and philosophy remain the same. We recognize where we came from and it has brought us to where we are today. Axe swinging is a hearty profession no matter the field, and we’re here to share our pride in it.

Who Are Axemen?

Today, just about anyone who wields an axe for their job is an axeman! Whether you’re out cutting down trees as a service worker or you’re a throwing an axe in a competition, you’re an axeman. From firefighters to tree service workers, axemen span the world. AXEMANSHALL is here to keep the spirit of the axemen alive and well. 

What does AXEMANSHALL do? 

We’ve created this blog to showcase our love for our respective callings. This blog aims to offer everything you could possibly want to know about axemen and what they do—history, stories, competitions, and more. You can message us personally through our contact us page.