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Four Common Axe Styles & Their Uses

Milwaukee axe styles

An axe is an ancient tool dating back to early human civilization, as early as the stone-age. It played a substantial part in much of our development, especially from the Neolithic period (near the end of the stone-age) through the late 20th century. It’s a very […]

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Axe Throwing Competitions to Check Out in 2019

Milwaukee axe throwing competitions

Wisconsin has a rich history of lumberjack-related competitions. Because of the state’s heavy focus on forestry and a history of close-knit logging camps full of lumberjacks, lumberjack competitions have become sort of a novelty. Logrolling even popped up as a […]

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The Birth of Axemen in Milwaukee

Axemen in milwaukee

Brief History: Axemen, Milwaukee Chapter Axemen M/C was founded in March of 1998 by Bob Roths of Inkster, Michigan together with 12 other founding members. This brotherhood was made possible with the help of our “Mother Chapter” which is based […]

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